X-Box or PS2?


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Ok enough of this Trading stuff ! Lets get down to a very important issue........

X-Box or PS2 ?.............

What am I going to tell Farther Christmas????

I'd have to disagree, if I was shopping for a new console, I'd go for the xbox (santa, plssssss!). I believe it's technically better in terms of graphics and performance, and I've the dvd playback is better too - and it has a great big hard drive to store all your important game data.

But of course whats a console without games, and true... PS2 now has GTA Vice City, but XBox has now got Splinter Cell, and the killer reason to buy is you can get XBox with Sega GT 2002, Jet Set Radio Future, Splinter Cell & FREE copy of Halo, all great games esp. Splinter Cell and the classic Halo for just £187 from Amazon here. Magic!

I vote for the X-Box as well.

The DVD playback on PS2 I think is very poor. Is the X-Box going onto the internet soon? When it does go online it'll probably be based around the Microsoft Game Zone which is superb. :)

The game you forgot to mention Sharky was FIFA 2003 - The graphics and game play are unbelieveable. :eek:

Hi Chartman

Come on....You know us boys with our toys :D
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Come on....You know us boys with our toys

err you forgot the sad bit
Come on....You know us sad boys with our toys

Now, if it was a real 400 BHP Supra or NISMO GTR then I could fogive you :)
Now, if it was a real 400 BHP Supra

Personnally I really like the look of the Audi RS6 - raw power with comfort and space