Would you sign a pre-nup?


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(From www.smile.co.uk)

Vote now: would you sign a pre-nup?

a. Wouldn’t walk down the aisle without one
b. Wish I’d got a pre-nup in place
c. I might – I want a happy heart and wallet
d. Is romance dead? I’d never sign one

I do not have experience in this aspect, but I do wonder what kind of view people have regarding pre-nups.

When they become couples/partners, do they join their body, soul and finance together, or do they opt to have some room for each other and some 'leeway', so to speak, by signing a pre-nup?


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Here are some interesting feedbacks and comments from those who voted in the website.


"When I got married in 1999 I put in my heart, soul and wallet. 4 years later my wife walked off with all 3 (I did get my heart back later). I'm lucky, I have a good councillor and a good solicitor, so I am neither bitter nor broke - what I would say is that the law is pretty messy when it comes to breakups and if you do nothing else at least give some thought to what is fair and equitable when you start out and love each other - don't leave it to the end (should it happen) when arguments and hatred define your every action."

"I can understand why fabulously rich and famous people feel the need to sign a pre-nup as it must be hard to determine who wants them for themselves and who wants them for their bank balance. In fact, looking at my bank balance I'd be happy to sign one so that someone else could share my debts!!!!"

"Whatever happened to trust, commitment, loyalty and sacrifice? It's very sad that people feel the need for pre-nuptial agreements. Surely, the whole point of being married is to share ones life - all of it. If prospective partners don't trust each other then how can they possibly contemplate marriage, a relationship based on mutual trust?"

"I admire the people of this world who have been married for 45 years or whatever, but as a "twenty-something" I have grown up seeing far too many of my friends parents and parents friends get divorced. It is hard enough for children to cope with divorce without money becoming an issue as well, so for me to even consider marriage I would have to be financially secure and independent to start with and remain that way when married. This doesn’t show a lack of commitment or faith, love is unconnected to material possessions anyway, so why not keep money out of the equation in the first place?"

"Signing a pre-nup is basically an admission that you will divorce - so why are you getting married in the first place?"
(Fiona Barker)

"The world has become a cynical market place and all one can hold onto is faith that somethings are untainted and pure. A pre-nuptial marriage agreement displays a profound lack of faith in human nature and encourages the belief that materialism dominates all: a mistaken belief. To sign a pre-nuptial agreement is to state major doubts about your future and is an insult to your partner. One may argue that one is 'just being sensible'. It isn't sense. It is a denunciation of commitment."
(Jon Day)

"Well now I’ve heard it all. If people feel they have to protect their possessions then they should not get married at all. I think the problem today is that people have forgotten what love is and it is often mistaken by what really is desire. By the way I have been married for 45 years." (Fred Coleman)

"I think it's just a reality these days that you have to deal with. It's a horrible thing to think about when you're completely in love with each other, but we all know now that sometimes these things don't work out, and it would be nice to think that if it does all go wrong at least the financial side of it will already be sorted."
(Richard Irons)

Mr. Charts

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Having seen what a good trader you are, I suggest you get your lucky man to sign a pre-nup - you wouldn't want him to get his hands on the fruits of your success ;-))))


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If one of the partners has substantial assets, it makes semse to have a prenup. Without one, and on separation, a court is likely to divide the joint total of assets 50/50.


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Would I have a prenup? Depends who's got the boodle!


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If I were planning to marry Michael Jackson I think I'd want a very detailed pre nup in place. As I'm a 48 yr old married man I don't think the problem will arise, frankly.
Been through the mill myself once, frankly I think I'll just shoot myself if it happens again - quicker and tidier all round!

Dow Dog

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If you were planning to marry Michael Jackson you would need brain surgery in addition to a pre-nup.


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Hi, thanks for all your information.

Thanks, Mr. Charts, ChartMan. I would take your advice should the circumstances arise.

However, as Dow Dog says, a brain surgery in addition to a pre-nup would be needed before I might ever take down that path. :cheesy:


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Only slightly related I recall the story of the guy who's wife lost her credit card.
Police recovered it some 6 months later and immediately asked the guy why it had not been reported stolen to which he replied

" whoever stole it was spending less than my wife so I let it go"



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leave my Mrs out of this.
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