Working ISA investments?


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I've been working in Asia for 4 years, but I still balance my unit trust ISA accounts based on accepted advice for a UK investor.

I get a small pension from my employer, but most of my long-term investments are in the form of ISA accounts. I am 31 years old with a long-term investing horizon seperate from my trading attempts.

Since I am paid in a foreign currency, and I'll probalby be living abroad for the foreseeable future, how would you suggest I re-balance my portfolio? The currency I'm paid in has increased around 20% in the last few years compared to the GBP denominated ISAs, yet I still have to wire funds back to my UK bank in order to invest.

currently I have approx:
stocks/ bonds ISA:
UK - 42%
Europe - 16%
Japan & 4 tigers - 15%
US - 22%
Emerging markets - 5%

I also have 6 months' expenses in a UK cash ISA.

Since over 40% of my funds are invested in the UK, yet I live in Asia and am paid in a foreign currency, should I be re-balancing? Should I be investing more internationaly to avoid so much UK currency risk? Should I invest more in my local currency?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Interesting, I was unaware that you were entitled to have an ISA unless you are resisdent and ordinarily resident in the UK for tax purposes, but I could be mistaken.