I don't know how feasible this is but I would value it greatly!

I like to scan the afx and rns news for certain items but I'm frustrated by the lack of power features available on other sites.

ADVFN is quite good but I'd really appreciate being able to scan for complex boolean expressions (rather than simple OR) over a reasonable time horizon (eg. a week or month).

Any thoughts?
Hi Darth,

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll it's certainly possible to do.. well I can't see any reason why you couldn't. Now if someone would donate us an AFX and RNS feed, I could start to pull it together tonight! :)

Any rich patrons, wanna come to our rescue?

maybe we could get it free in return for an advert?

there's no harm in trying.

I notice that citywhispers is using sharepages feed for data.
Might be worth a try darth, if you can live with the extra adverts. Certainly would be a nice addition to the site, and pretty essential for any finanical site. Leave it my safe hands Darth, Sharky will attempt to work his magic!