Wish to get a job in London, in the Capital Market

Aug 6, 2016
I am new to the Capital Market.
I have experience as computer programmer for over a decade.
I built strategy to trade Futures, and won one best day over 50 points (1 contract) its over $5K with 101 trades. Robot didn't prove it self for the long run. so now it is laying low.

Still learning about the capital market, and wish to get a job (any job) in a Capital Market environment.

One point (maybe very big issue), I don't have a visa, and almost never lived in London.
I live in Israel now.

I am very intelligent. Very Very.
I am fluent in English, since lived in USA for almost a decade.
I learn fast, and have self control.
I have strong personality, so I strongly believe that I fit for trading.

I try to trade today, Stocks, maybe Futures, but looking for guidance.

Any help?
Hiring employers prospects (send private message).

If it is for trading job, I could learn and start remotely, and after proving myself, will come to London.
I am willing (and want) to migrate.

I call London, "the Capital of the Capital Markets", am I wrong?

First post on this forum.
Looking forward for your reply.

I wish to win much....Like you and more (no offence).