Windows update and pirate software


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I would have thought that when a person connects to the Microsoft site to check for available updates, Microsoft - the company that designed the applications - would have the technology to be able to tell exactly what is installed on a computer, including the pirate copy of Office 2000!

Can anyone suggest whether this does or does not possibly happen?



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Don't tell anyone, but I know someone who runs 1 copy of XP on 2 machines and they update OK. Bi££ Gate$ hasn't been round yet :cheesy:


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oatman said:
Don't tell anyone, but I know someone who runs 1 copy of XP on 2 machines and they update OK. Bi££ Gate$ hasn't been round yet :cheesy:

I think the Microsoft licence allows that.

J Trader Win XP Service Pack 1 update does check for particular pirated installations. Don't know about Office XP though...


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It depends on the version of Software.

If you get a VLA code and media then you are likely to be OK. Microsoft have stopped some of the obviously pirated ones from working but then there is a simple registry patch that stops the information being sent and allows the use.

So I'm told!



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I just tried to have a look at the website in your signature & it sends me to a web domain site?


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Yep, the hosting Company haven't given me the space yet!!!

When they do I'll put something very brief there initially.




what if an individual has a pirate copy of Office 2000 with original codes that do work etc. and they connect to the Microsoft website to get an Office update. Are Microsoft more likely to tell that it is pirate software, and is this likely to trigger Bill Gate$ to come knocking on my door?



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Pirate's ahoy,

I think there's a greater risk of someone knocking on your door, after reading some of the
post's on this board, DO take care when mention allegedly ( non pucker) software ? these boards are read worldwide, If I remember correctly when you go to microsoft to update your system , they run a check to see what's required, if you read carefully there's a section which state's they only look for what needs to be updated, (if my memory is correct) its not used as an opportunity to spy IMHO !

Take care and good luck....................................


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I use pirated software whenever I can, having spent sometime out in the Far East it's hard not to fall in love with it. The only thing that's hard to pirate is XP because it catches you when you try to update. You can however run the same copy of multiple computers, just tell the MSFT jobsworths at the end of the phone that you're having to resistall etc after your hard drive broke.

As for someone knocking on your door because they've read this board and have found you 'boasting' about using pirated software, please give me a break.

If you were one of the agencies that Microsoft and the others employ to catch people (and are paid on results) would you send your investigators knocking on residential doors trying to bust a kid for using a knocked off piece of software costing £100 or would you target a whole damn office block with 300 workstations?

Also very negative PR would be associated with MSFT if it started to go after the man in the street, this remember is a company that is not the most liked in the world today.


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I believe MS only keep records of legit XP installs on each code for 3 months (sorry 90 days) - you're safe after that. That gives sufficient scope for most "home" users. I have only once had to speak to a real person at MS.
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