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Hi All,

I am posting for the first time so sorry in advance if this is in the wrong area!

I am doing a project about share windfalls over the last twenty years and would like some input if that's OK?

I know about most of the big building society ones such as Halifax, Abbey, Bradford & Bingley etc but could anyone tell me about any of the smaller less well known ones , including the insurance companies, and what amount of shares was distributed.

I am also looking to track what as happened to the shares from when they where first distributed by the issuing company, whether they merged into other shares (most of the big ones did) to where they are now and what they are worth. (any info on this is most welcome as it is sometimes the hardest to research).

The common theme on ones I have seen so far are they started off at a good price, rise to an exceptional price and then have crashed to a real low (or zero).

I am hoping to get down a full list and history of all the windfall shares over the last 20 years so any help is really appreciated.


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carpetbagging! remember it well.

it was all a bit of a con imo.

you did reasonably ok at the time if you were with say the leeds, remember the arther daley ads :cool: they got swallowed up by halifax - payout 1, halifax demutualised - payout 2. if you then kept the hbos shares they are now lloyds group and not worth a great deal. i was with tsb, now where was my payout when they were swallowed up by lloyds! bit of a scam, didn't the government keep the money? and what of bristol & west? i'd have voted no for sure if i'd known the derisory peanuts that the irish were going to pay out :(

anyway plenty of info at Building society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to keep you busy tracking them down.
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