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You started being sensible and talked about money management, yes this is important and there is a full chapter dedicated to this in the book and showing if we halve one figure it would give us a 900% increase in profits.

I think it is great that he has made a profit with a 15 point spread, just think of the profit if it were on futures with a 2 point spread on the Dow and 1 point commission.

I averaged 37.4% retern on capital every month last year, this included two months when I did not trade and brought the average down. The site does say you should earn between 30-40% so it is spot on in my case.

Yes your compounding figures are correct, I personnally have 2 problems with them.

1. I tend to get a little nervous when I am betting £44 per point on the Dow.
2. I also have to live and always deduct some spending money last year it was £881 per month.

Also maybe that was the reason I was banned from internet trading by one spread firm, bit hard to compound things when you do not have a trading account.

I always keep an open mind on these things untill I hear comments from someone that has actually used them.

I would not buy anything from VC

"True wisdom is the knowlege that we know nothing"

If we know everything how can we improve our results.

I do not see the problem, if there is a money-back guarantee then you have nothing to lose.

maybe someone should see if they get their money back, not fair really as I know it works. But daytrading is not for everyone.

I just hope someone else post with actual knowlege of the product.


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If the technique is very simple, why not just tell us? It might save a few people $97. I am sure they would have put something in it about not sharing the information but I am sure they wont be taking any legal action. They are either selling a product that doesn't live up to their claims or they will be too rich to be bothered.

The one I purchased also claimed to be packed full of valuable information but it was nothing I hadn't seen for free on the internet.


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Big B

Tut tut tut

Wanting something for nothing, who is the rogue now.

I think this thread is getting away from the original question.

Faris was asking for help.

Faris, how much capital do you have to invest, how much time and what times of day can you spend trading.



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This thread seems like a scam to me...

We first get Faris asking about, his First Post.

We then get juanbyte & jslee saying how wonderfull is.

This thread seems like advertising for winspread to drive
traffic to it.

I wouldnt be suprised if juanbyte has some sort of relationship
with, it might even be his site.


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From memory I believe that Winspread is run by Chris Kobewka who is also known as juanbyte.

So it is hardly surprising that juanbyte is defending his website if the two are one and the same. Also if you are the same why not just admit it rather than speaking about your own business in the third person ?

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Wow it was a guess on my part, but yes there are references
to juanbyte on that site..

juanbyte must be getting desperate, his site cant be doing
very well if he is resorting to creating threads here..


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Did you read my last post.

I suggested we try and help the fellow.

How have you helped him, there are too many people who will try and take his money.

He is a newbie and needs help.

Are you saying he should not trade.

Please suggest something useful.

Faris, I think you should read quite a bit on the subject before you risk any money.

Here are some things to consider



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Is quite correct

But I believe sharky does a good job and it is not a place for free advertising.

I do think I should be allowed to defend my site.
I don't like being put in the same group as VC,CT,asset 18 etc.

It was because of these that I wrote the book.

I did have an email from faris sometime ago, with some questions, and his question is a genuine one.

jslee's comments are her own

Faris, open a demo account with capital spreads, read up and practice


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You are a charlatan (and a very bad one at that), you dont make 49% a month and you definitely didnt make 24.9% last week.

If you did you wouldnt be on this site making up threads and
you defintely wouldnt be running a scam such as

Shame on you!
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You are 100% wrong

I am only on this thread after I read the 3rd and 4th posts.

As it was quite clear that you had now idea what you are talking about.

I have been a member since March 2003, if I wanted to advertise I could have done so a long time ago.

I have been in discussion with sharky for sometime now to give t2w members a discount, why because you need the knowlege.

It is quite evident you are not making a living from trading I am.

I went from being an engineer on about £270 per week to making over £1,000 in an hour, I have the contract notes if you want to see them.

I just want others to have the opportunity.


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I can see right through your posts.
However those new to this business could easily be seduced.
You are a small time hussler in that you only charge 97 dollars
and not 1000s like some others.

But you should still be blocked from posting on this site for
pushing your little scam operation.


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The first four posts on this thread were nothing to do with me.

I object stongly to the third and fourth, and that is why I posted.

I tried to change it back to the original question, but you keep on with your false accusation.

I have nothing to hide, how many scam merchants put their address and telephone number on there website.

Simple question, have you tried it?

No, so you cannot comment.

You my good fellow are the dishonest one, making remarks on something you know nothing about.

Free Tip
This may be one of the reasons your are struggling making money, because you have to be honest in this game and admit you are wrong when in a losing trade.

nite nite


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Big Business, its not my place to give out the details as its the authors material but I'm happy to give a reference. The only drawback is the staking policy which , as has been pointed out earlier, is taking on far to much risk. If you stick to your own money management it does work better but will take you much longer to make the % on your capital. Other than that I think its a good book.
Perhaps if others have the book they might like to post their observations.
Once again people are trying to discredit those that try to help. Its ok to discredit as long as you can yourself show better (which nobody has done). Again its a simple fact that if you don't like it avoid it.

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