Why i think most traders fail? Change your ways. Now.


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What happened to the thread starter, GladiatorX. Does he realise he has created the most successful thread since medbs' Holy Grail effort?


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No names ?

Could we at least disclose that the Japanese company in question with the IBM rip-off was Fujitsu ?

They ended up with their own line of mainframes in the end. I would imagine their design process started with an IBM machine and worked backwards from there...

You may say that; I couldn't possibly comment. :)

No prizes for guessing the name of the UK firm.

Funnily enough, I used to work on another IBM lookalike machine marketed by the same UK company, an earlier generation, based loosely on the IBM 360 (well it had mostly the same instruction set). I think it was originally called the RCA Spectra 70 by its US makers, but was called something different over here.




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plus there used to be a shi!t load of money in IT.

Now - not so much the case...

Still plenty of money in IT if you're good. The less 'skilled' end of it (business analysts, project managers, business process, you get the drift, the people who wouldn't know one end of a computer from another) get less money these days but good developers, designers, config managers, dba's, sys admins, etc still command handsome premiums in any sector but mainly in finance and telecoms.

e2a - I'm on about contract rates btw, not perm salaries. you don't need the myth of 'job security' if you're good at your job.
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