Why do u want to become a trader?

I think you mean whizz kid self help ponzi con man smashes it on pr tour

For me it's the challenge. Pretty much it's you against yourself. Can you develop successful consistant strategies? Can you become one of the 5-10% minority?

I love a challenge, I love when people tell me I can't do something.:clap:


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I have a chance to hear about one trader can earn profit a month enought to buy a good car. That's the reason why I want to be a trader.

Money is my goal, and also the experiences when you join Forex also are good.


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I hate trading but heard that in many good firms there is a lot of big swinging dicks.

The idea of me and a bunch of guys swinging our dicks around really appeals to me. Aside from that what's the appeal?
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It is the game of the gods with no excuses, you either sink or swim, simples. One of the best examples of natural selection in the world today and u will get chewed up and spat out if you do not have everything it takes, and all the rewards are there for those that do.

The hardest way to make a very easy living......................the biggest of challenges, and with the technological world we live in less and less difference between the big guns and individual trader.

Why would you want to be a trader.........why would not want to be?
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