Which TA book

Safri Laross

I need some help in deciding which TA book I should buy as a beginners guide and as a reference book which is easy to read, follow and understand. I am currently looking at 2 books which have had good reviews, Technical Analysis of Stock trends and Technical Analysis of Financial markets. Can someone please let me know which is better for the novice investor.

Which authors are they? If one of them is Murphy's, I'd go for that one.

Just a quick suggestion - my local library has a pretty good range of TA books (used to include Murphy's) so might be worth checking yours before you shell out on a bundle of books.

Otherwise, I have to confess to spending a few hours in my nearest decent bookshop "browsing" the TA books...and by the number of people I see in there doing the same thing from time to time, I'm not the only one ;)
The authors are:

Robert D Edwards - Technical Analysis of Stock Trends 8th edition

John Murphy - Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets
Hi there

It's many years since I began my interest in TA and I began with Technical Analysis of the Futures Market. IMHO it's about the best book around to begin with and it has stood me in good stead as a reference book over many years. The book is also core reading material if studying for examinations with the Society of Technical Analyst's. Perhaps you may wish to study some of their courses and bring structure into your learning.

Good luck to you for the future.