Which platforms offer trading on 3NVD?



Does anyone know which brokers / trading platforms offer trading on 3NVD (Leverage Shares 3x NVIDIA ETP Scs) (GBP), apart from IG and Trading212, - ideally in a spread betting account? It will be nice if they have an ISA account also. I checked a few platforms like Pepperstone, eToro etc. But those platforms don't provide trading on 3NVD. Trading212 doesn't offer a spread betting account.

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Platforms such as interactive brokers, eToro, and Plus500 are among those that might offer trading on the Leverage Shares 3x NVIDIA ETP. It's advisable to check with the specific platform to confirm availability and ensure it meets your trading needs and risk tolerance.
Hargreaves Lansdown offers it in several account types.
I know, fees are 0.45% pa and share dealing is £12, but there's £100 refunded for a while.
I must say I can see why they're popular. They're very good to deal with.
Some very odd phenomena occur if you use that thing spurned by so many of the likes of T212, the telephone.

1) They answer it,
2) without an age on hold
3) They put you through to someone who actually knows what they're talking about, who thinks about your problem and is helpful
4) they call you back if they think they can help more


They have 70 or so "leverage" and "wisdomtree" options.
NOt sure if this will work, I was logged in when I got it:

I don't know enough about spreads on such things.

I recently got a 5% spread using T212, double what the LSX reported. Ouch!

I have a SIPP at HL so dumped last year's ISA there on April1. Haven't used it much, it's sitting FTSE 100 at the moment. Hmm, there's a 3x for that too.

Do report back if you find a favourite institution, Number of funds is important. 3KWE for example.

HL have KWEP but also they advised by call-back KWBP, which is a GBP version. Not the 3x unfortunately.
And, I discovered, they list but don't allow investing in, the US$ versions. There may not be a GBP version though.