Trading Platforms


Hi folks,

I'm quite new to trading.

I currently have an account with IG Markets which I am demoing/paper trading at the moment, using their PureDeal (web-based platform).

I want to start trading for real sometime. What platform should I use?

Here are my criteria...
  • Free (i.e. no monthly charges, etc.)
  • Cheap (i.e. good spread / low commissions, etc.)
  • I'll be trading stock indices (like FTSE100), stocks and maybe forex
  • Good in-built charting
  • Live data feeds

I'll be using it for day-trading mainly

Should I stick with IG ? It seems to do what I want.
Are there other/better platforms? What?
Should I use a specialist Forex trading platform for Forex, or is it ok to use a platform that does both (like IG Markets)? I'd rather keep to one platform that does everything, but I guess maybe a specialist Forex provider has better spreads or something.

(I also have account for IG Index which is their spread betting platform, which might be better under some circumstances I guess).

I guess this question might already be answered somewhere on the forum, sorry if I missed it. Feel free to post the link if you know it.