Which cryptocurrencies are best to invest in?


It's hard to identify promising altcoins because the market is bearish and everything is falling. I believed in a blockchain called Near almost six months ago, but now, because of the bear market and other circumstances, it is a half-dead blockchain. So it is better to invest in a reliable cryptocurrency that has worked for years, that is Ethereum and Bitcoin.


it is much more profitable to take part in different NFT projects
Totally agree, in my opinion this is much more profitable. And it is also a thing for those who just want to support their favorite artists. I know a lot of them and fun fact that nft pussy riot is also quite popular. Remember those girls who like to dress off and protests against gender inequality and putinism? Well they also produce NFTs. And if i'd choose whom to support i would definitely choose them. Cause you know i like people who have strong political ideals and willing to fight for them
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The nearest thing to cryptocurrencies that I'll ever invest in looks like the pic' below. Why? because in the precious metals stacking community there's a saying that goes: 'if you can't hold it - you don't own it'. You can't hold crypto, NFTs - or any other digital 'asset', so put your money into a real Bitcoin like this . . .

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