Which cryptocurrencies are best to invest in?

The nearest thing to cryptocurrencies that I'll ever invest in looks like the pic' below. Why? because in the precious metals stacking community there's a saying that goes: 'if you can't hold it - you don't own it'. You can't hold crypto, NFTs - or any other digital 'asset', so put your money into a real Bitcoin like this . . .

Altcoins are more potential risks but have higher gains during volatile periods. Bitcoin and ETH are more reliable but low gaining.
Personally, I've had some good experiences with well-established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They're like the OGs of the crypto world, so they tend to be a bit more stable and less risky compared to some of the newer coins.
If you're in the UK then it's possible that it just isn't viable to buy/sell/hold crypto, the regulator appears to have clamped down hard in every aspect associated with it.

On and off ramping more difficult.

Risk of being debanked.

Desktop wallet no longer allows access to any of their help/how to pages, UK mobile app no longer works, how long before the wallet itself is withdrawn from UK use.

Staking no longer allowed.

Not a regulatory issue but lets say the wallet decides to sunset your coins and no longer support them. I have BTG and XNO, they will be binned out soon, BTT already binned out the wallet since my last visit.

What then if we try take advantage of crypto price movement? say a spreadbet, oh, no longer available to retail investors.
BTC,ETH and BNB is the best currencies to invest. Also, Solana is a great option if you can buy it in a dip.
Hi, fellows!
I am interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. I have only invested in stocks so far. Can you advise me which cryptocurrencies are suitable for investment?
Can you share your personal experience? Any tips? :)
If you're starting, focusing on established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) is advisable due to their proven track records. But the crypto universe is massive! Therefore, investigating altcoins with robust projects and teams is also recommended. Stay updated, and maybe think about security, like using those hardware wallets to keep your investments safe.