When is up not up? when it's down , of course


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JP's entry in the DOW comp of 8500+ , I make UP on Friday's close. How come it has DOWN beside it? Is this where I'm going wrong? :cheesy:


Well spotted Martin, there's no validation on the competition entry at the moment, so ther's nothing to stop you picking lower but putting a higher figure in - need to add that. Anyway, I've sorted it, so that's currently two bullish outlooks for the dow next week.



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Hi CM and Sharky

you guys spotted it before I did :)

I only realised I had got the figure wrong when I saw the Dow futures well up today (+220) and thought (well you know what I thought). My low entry did not look like it had a hope. Was surprised when I checked the comp and I was bullish.

I'm miserable on my birthday so why should I be bullish about the Dow :)



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It can't be your birthday again!! I know for a fact it's close to mine! Or are you deliberately embracing senility by having two a year? :)


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I didn't mean it was my birthday - I meant I'm not even happy even if it were my birthday.

English. Huh. I'll have to get another first language as I still have not got the hang of this one.

Maybe I should try Afrikaans or Polish or write with an Aussie twang. Can't be any less understood than I am at the moment.

The birthdays in January so put it in your diaries to check what a miserable so and so I am. The day itself is not important because I can usually keep up the 'Grumpy' impersonation for a couple of weeks either side.

Senile? Me? Must be all those Gummer inspired burgers.

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