What's the right brokerage for me? (Plus other basic questions).


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I started teaching myself about the Stock Market and Forex about 4 weeks ago and now I feel like I'm ready to open an account with a discount brokerage and start trading. I'm leaning towards Interactivebrokers.com, simply because I've heard good things about them.

What type of trading is the easiest for beginners?
Which type of trading strategy makes the most money? (In your opinion).
Is currency trading the riskiest?
Are the trading platforms brokerages offer usually inferior to expensive platforms like NinjaTrader or eSignal?
Any good websites that pool information about companies? For example: a company's CEO (and his/her behaviour), news articles, staff, competitive advantages, reputation, DCP calculated, predictions, intrinsic value, profits, past trends and tendencies, etc?

I need some direction. I think I'm fairly knowledgeable, but that alone doesn't make you money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I think you should better go Forex cause it is easier than Stock market. Also here you can buy and sell at the same time. So I think it is the main facilities of Forex market.
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