Right time to start your own forex business


We always come around people who thrive to start a forex trading business but are not sure whether the business would grow or not. With having doubts in mind it becomes very difficult for anyone to start anything and starting a forex trading business could be of a high risk if you yourself aren’t sure of yourself and even if you start your business with that dilemma then you will not be able to run your business on a successful mode that you have ever wished it to be.

So, if you are confused and would like to know the best time when you can carry on with the set up of your own forex trading business then look into the following discussed points that will help you out.

1) Business Model: To be starting a forex trading business one is required to be having a proper knowledge of the business model they are going to opt for. Basically, if we talk about the business model for forex trading business then there are 3 business models: Market Maker Model, Agency Model and Hybrid Model.

a) Market Maker Model: In the market maker model during the course of trading, a company takes the holding of its own that simply means the complete risk during trading activities is taken by the company itself.

b) Agency Model: In the agency model all the trading activities are transferred to the third party that means the company does not take the charge on its own.

c) Hybrid Model: Hybrid model is a type of model that is simply the combination of market maker model and agency model.

Therefore, prior knowledge of a business model is must to ensure that the brokerage business you are about to run is in a safer zone without having much of risks involved.

2) Technology: In order to be competitive in the market you need to ensure that the brokerage you approach as your technology provider should be able to provide the most advanced technology available in the market. There are many brokerages in the market who provide innovative technology which in turn will help you get best for your clients. To be best in the market you need to choose best. End to end solution and top notch service providers are what people look for. So go with the technology provider who could provide you with the best trading softwares.

3) Transparency: In order to earn clients loyalty you need to offer the most translucent and clear service to your clients. Clients usually look for the brokerages they could rely on for all their solutions. Therefore you are required to ensure that all your clients' data and their accounts data are clearly shared with them. Also you need to be sure that none of the data is shared by any third party. Safety of funds is another important thing that clients look for so please ensure that you properly safeguard all your clients funds.

4) Liquidity: Many of the prime broker accounts were at risk when the financial crisis hit the forex market in the year 2008. This mainly involved the medium and small sized brokerages and therefore, this brought the development and advancement of new model for many medium and small sized brokerages called Prime Of Prime model. Here the small and medium brokers get most of the benefits that brokers usually get from prime broker accounts such as they are capable of having money at single place with single point of contact also a good Prime of Prime model provides top notch tier 1 liquidity and transparency.

5) Establishing Your Company: For every brokerage the primary thing involved is the registration of the company so that your business doesn’t face any problem from the jurisdiction. So complete the entire paperwork and make sure you run your business in the most authentic way. Remember clients look for the brokers who are authentic and legal.
Starting a forex trading business might look difficult and risky but with proper knowledge and skills you can conquer anything. Self belief is the utmost thing because that leads to the inner development.


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Thanks for this detail post about taking Forex as a business. It needs time. A trader needs to be very consistent for at least a year before taking such decision. Meanwhile, it is recommended that he maintains a part time job. Once he finds himself confident and enough money in his bank from Forex trading, he then might take a decision.


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I've considered this but there's so much that goes into it. It just seems very difficult and I'm not sure if I'll ever get there. I may focus on another business venture instead.


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I think running a forex business is very different from other businesses. You need to have good forex knowledge to make sure you are properly catering to the needs of your clients.
You are right. In fact, running a trading brokerage is very different from trading.

What would make a good trader think they would automatically be good at a totally different job? And if the trader were really really good at trading, why would they even want to do a different job?
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