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T2W seemed to go off air for about 20 - 30 minutes shortly after 12. My ISP was OK, other sites, including data streaming were all OK.

After I got back into the competion page to my horror I noticed my ANL had been sold.


I bought for 344 with stop at 330 and limit at 360

The price has been in a band 336 - 352 as at the last ANL trade at 12:53. So how could this happen??

Please could you do some magic as this has cost me dear.


P.S. Since starting this post T2W seemed to go off air again, what's up?
Hi NastyItch,

Well you're quite right we had some down time this afternoon.

The reason, well the official line is:

There was a network latency issue in our web hosting providers upstreams network which caused problems accessing our servers - in order to isolate the problem the upstream provider had to disconnect all connections from their router before plugging everyone back in.

In laymans terms:

A touch of the friday-itus! Sorry about that folks, there was nothing we could do to prevent it happening, and we were back online just as soon as they could fix the problem.

I'll have a look at the trade for you over the weekend, and update your portfolio as necessary.

Cheers for that Sharky

I understood the techie bit, basically various servers were bounced (been in IT for over 20 years :D ), not sure I understood the layman's stuff though :rolleyes:

Thanks for looking into the trade stuff.
Eek, sorry NastyItch, I'll take a look at it tomorrow for you. Got a bit carried away with the gallery over the weekend.

No probs Sharky.

The gallery is worth the wait

BTW. Could you explain something to me. I entered the share competition today with about £1600 in profit. Two trades made me a lovely loss of slightly less than £220. Add to this a loss of around £1300 for MONI and my net profit should be around fifty quid yet I am showing a overall loss of £15 370 (+-) :mad:

The maths don't add up :?:
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AHA :!:

Spotted the above math discrepancy. I bought SHEL (which I should still have). This is not showing on my portfolio.

Please would you correct this.

Thanks :)
Now fixed.

Will sort out that buy/short - short/buy bug just as soon as I can.


Thanks for fixing the SHEL prob.

Could you explain why I have bought HOL for 45 this morning when the price has not gone above 44 today (as of 9:10) :?:

Also the SHEL you resurrected has now been sold at 8:46 at 379. According to ADVFN the price was not that. In addition I had a stop set at 375, again the price has not come close to that today (so far!!)

This is driving me :mad: :mad: :mad:

Perhaps the entry and exit rules of the competition need explaining.



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