What type of trader are you

What Type of Trader Are You?

  • Scalper

    Votes: 32 28.1%
  • Day Trader

    Votes: 64 56.1%
  • Swing Trader

    Votes: 41 36.0%
  • Position Trader

    Votes: 20 17.5%
  • Long Term Trader

    Votes: 8 7.0%
  • Buy and Hold Trader

    Votes: 3 2.6%

  • Total voters

FTSE Beater

Experienced member
Hi all

I'm interested to find out what time-scales T2W members are looking for in trades.

Are you:
<table border="2" cellpadding="6"><tr><td>Scalper</td><td> Looking to hold positions for a matter of minutes.</td></tr><tr><td>Day Trader</td><td>Looking to close out all positions by the end of the day</td></tr><tr><td>Swing Trader</td><td>Holding a trade open for between a day and a week</td></tr><tr><td>Position Trader</td><td>A trader who is looking to hold a position for a number of weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Long Term Trader</td><td>Someone who is holding a trade open for months at a time</td></tr><tr><td>Buy and Hold Trader</td><td>A trader who is looking for a return over a number of years. Normally know as a LTBH trader</td></tr>

Newtron Bomb

Experienced member
Hi FB,
I started off an index day trader and added currencies to the list of trading vehicles which is more a swing style of trading as per your description but am also day trading us stocks now with a view to swing trading those... so i dont know where i would put myself...:?:

Swing trading dominates my trading at the moment but i should imagine my day trading will pick up a bit more in the coming weeks

HTH... are you profiling traders for a psychology thesis:?: :LOL:

FTSE Beater

Experienced member

Your the very reason I let you pick more than one option :cheesy:
What ever happened to trading one way :rolleyes: (would have made the poll a lot cleaner :cheesy: )

As for a Psychology Thesis - I think I'll pass. Dr. FB is just far too many initials for me


Active member
Chuckle chuckle, more exiting up your way by the sounds of it NB..:)
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