What to look for on PC to run 2 or 3 monitors

Am currently doing up the spare room as an office, and want a PC with 2, possibly 3 monitors. Ive been told I'll need a dedicated graphics card to cope, can anyone recommend a PC and what kind of spec to go for?

Am thinking 2, or 3 monitors with hdmi connectivity
you mioght want to consider one or two 4k 4o inch monitors and appropriate graphics card to suit. rather than getting a card for three monitors, then realising you need four etc. the 40 inch 4k gives huge real estate for trading and now at an affordable price
I run just one 40 inch tv off a laptop when ian am trading......using the VGA slot.......I know you can expand this,to 2 Tvs I think with a double cable ?

That's 8o inches of screen to,spread the charts on and also the laptop to operate the broker buy sells ?

If you need more you have far to many charts open to trade in a focused way

Thanks guys
Have got my PC now (and 2 monitors (2 x 23" Acer VC239H) and as soon as the office is decorated and furnished (hoping next week) I may be back asking how best to display 2 or 3 charts on the new monitors. Apologies in advance as I'm a bit of a technophobe