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So - just had this conversation on Skype:

[12:22:55 PM] Introb Hathaikan: hey, are you around?
[12:23:02 PM] Peter Davies: yes
[12:23:12 PM] Introb Hathaikan: hey sweetie thx 4 accepting my friend request ya busy?
[12:23:45 PM] Peter Davies: mai pen rai - not busy right now - just looking @ the internet before going 2 bed...
[12:23:57 PM] Introb Hathaikan: so what r ya up 2??
[12:24:07 PM] Peter Davies: eating chocolate...
[12:24:19 PM] Introb Hathaikan: well i have just been going out meeting new people, my jerk of an ex-boyfriend decided to cheat on me about a month ago although i should thank him, i haven't had this much fun in years
[12:24:34 PM] Peter Davies: lol!
[12:24:45 PM] Introb Hathaikan: so i was thinkin about gettin on my cam did u wanna cum join me... i found an awesome site that's like a f.b. for adults but with webcams ;)
[12:25:59 PM] Peter Davies: errrr... tell me your name again....
[12:26:10 PM] Introb Hathaikan: i started using it so i couldn't get recorded but it's really fun and i love "putting on a show" if u know what i mean ;) wanna cum see?
[12:26:31 PM] Peter Davies: tell me your nickname....
[12:26:41 PM] Introb Hathaikan: yayy!! all u gotta do is sign-up but like i said it's 100% free and only takes a sec ok?
[12:26:57 PM] Peter Davies: lol - seems like you hacked my friends account
[12:28:11 PM] Peter Davies: unless you can remember your nickname...

Now - Inthrob is my wife's cousin. Some people might describe her as 'hot'. Some people might describe my missus as 'insanely jealous'.

Do I tell my missus that I think her cousins FB account was hacked?
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