What time period for charts?


Hi all,
After 4 weeks of sorting out my account I am now ready to take the plunge tomorrow morning. I currently use e signal for charting/data and have been playing around with many indicators in as many time frames to get a feel for the best TA signals. The indicators I am using are :-

Bollinger Bands
Moving Average
Money Flow

Just out of interest for day trading the FTSE future purposes what timeframes does anyone recommend on the above indicators. Now I'm well aware that everyone has their own unique style of trading but I have been testing 1,3, and 5 minute charts. I have noticed that 5 minute charts work best in with higher volatility and 1 minute charts work best in low volatility.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Oh if you think I may have missed a TA indicator that any of you out find useful for picking strengths/weaknesses in the market then feel free to contribute.

Me too. The set up I use for ESTX works quite nicely on FTSE and it's simple :)
a few more thoughts.

I wouldnt want to chop and change between 1 min and 3 min
and 5 min etc.
I use 2 min and stick with it.
Money flow isnt what it used to be,imo
and in the futures market ???
stopped using candles some years ago - too ambiguous I would
dont use bollies. I can already see if volatility is up/down
just by reading the chart

after that it depends on how many signals per day you want your
indicators to trigger.

one thing you haven't mentioned is how much action
can you see on the screen at anyone time.
4hrs/1day/5days/25days ?
Context is very important,don't you think.

by the way,best of luck
and hope to see you on the FTSE thread in the morning
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