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Hi all
I'm new to this BB but not to trading, I stopped trading a couple of years ago do do up an old house. I was using fairshares software (which as now been taken over by Updata) and I Have been reading your posts on the aforementioned. What is every body using since I have been away and how do you rate it. I trade shares on the ftse and use technical analysis. fairshares was ok but I wouldn't go back to it now.
Thanks in anticipation.
By the way great forum,used to live in ADVFN
hi romany123 and welcome to T2W :D

You don't say whether you're an EOD or intraday dude. If you used to live at ADVFN, I presume the latter.
Hi Skimbleshanks.
Thanks for the welcome. in answer to your question I do both, I suppose if I tell you my bedtime reading are books like Ian Copsey's Integrated Technical Analysis you will know where I am coming from. I have never made a fortune from trading but I was getting by in the bad years, I am now in the process of reviewing my trading strategy and will be paper trading new Ideas for a while,courtesy ADVFN portfolio (getting my head into gear). Out of interest, how long has this BB been in existence?
T2W started in November 2000 - the founding team still around are Sharky, ChartMan and me. We were a group in a chatroom in June 2000 and specialised in technical analysis. Our difference was that we competed against the market and never against ourselves - guidance and dissemination of TA information for newer traders was our speciality, and then the website came along a few months later - not only did Sharky trade, his profession is a web developer, so as you can imagine that came in very handy indeed!

Before T2W, we used the URL sharkinvested - it still amuses me!

You may have noticed that the boards are full of knowledgeable people and those passing on their experience to others - ramping of any stock or vendor is a definite no-no around here. The community of T2W members makes it just that - a community of all ages, skills, and trading styles.

I have quite a few trading books, well ... 50 is only a few, but I have not come across the Ian Copsey book and I don't recall it being discussed here before, so perhaps you can tell us more some time.

ShareScope seems to get the EOD popularity prize - I use it to pick stocks, and then follow it in realtime but it is a long time since I traded any UK stocks as I'm a US futures fan.
The Ian Copsey book I mentioned ISBN 0-471-82539-5 covers in some detail most of the indicators in TA such as, Elliot wave, chart construction, Momentum indicators through to Cycle analysis including all the normal indicators in some detail. I think its a great read IMHO.
Thanks for the input on software I will have a look at it.
Just one other thing, do you know of any on line brokers that will execute stop loss's?.
its amazing what you forget after not trading for a couple of years
I dug out the rules that I adopted when I first started trading, it doesn't matter how clever we get with techno the basic rules remain the same, and its discipling that will win the day.
Thanks great site