what is your monthly and year profit in %?


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% returns needs to be done on a rolling number of trades......% return per year immediately needs to be viewed in the context of the number of trades taken ....for example 10% sounds moderately acceptable based on trading daily charts .....but i would slit my wrists if that was a lower TF .....
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I have a custom start date on my myfxbook page as I traded poorly before then. But I seem to have found a way that predicts price direction and time. Click on my signature for my myfxbook page. Keep track of my progress.


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On average, it's about 2% to 5% monthly. But having said that, some of the traders I know of can make as high as 10% to 20%. However, these high returns are not a monthly thing, but there are months that one can clock in such returns in the currency market.

The key in trading for a living is not just about your returns. It is also about having the sufficient capital, and how much you need to sustain your living expenses.

Conservatively, if you take 2% return per month, you will need at least $100,000 capital, giving you $2,000 for your monthly expense. Many traders go into 'trading for a living' without sufficient capital, thus over leveraging and eventually losing their account.


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5% monthly return over 10 years would give you a 10,000% return (compounded)...that's average for you is it?
the best performing fund over the last 10 years has managed 600%,
your average is 15x the best performing fund in the world.
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Taking a retail traders monthly return and then compounding the figures to compare them to institutional funds is nonsense. 2 very different games. Plus the numbers are the only thing that actually compound, the other things that make a successful retail trader don't.

Trading a retail account of say $25k and Managing a fund portfolio of $100 million are compleatly different.
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Agree with Ffsear, there is no comparison. Being blunt, if a private day trader with no restrictions (including liquidity), cant make a minimum of 5% return on acc per month non compounded, with 1% risk per trade, then they better do summat else.

Sorry if anyone feels the need to be offended, but think about it - no restrictions on markets, you can enter whenever you want, you can get filled at near as market as possible. 5 trades per day, 20 trading days a month, 100 trades to be net 5% positive. You have everything in your favour. Your only responsibility as a private trader is self control.

The only reason that this is not achieved IMHO is if self control is the underlying issue.

50k = 2.5 per month
100k = 5k per month

The full time traders know i'm talking sense lol - - - - dont they :confused:
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