What is Volatility in terms of trading please and other basic questions


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hi guys great thread, very amusing to read. sorry to jump in , but as im on this thread i thought id ask it here as it is first steps after all.

How do you get those cartoons etc under your name ?
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Cartoon images:

1.at the top of the page put the cursor on community and click on "My profile" in the dropdown menu

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there is a means of supplying your own image but there is a large list of ugly ones to select from here

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To help with your other questions. Sharescope obtains its realtime prices from the exchange, LSE or whichever. CMC is a Market maker in its own right, thus its CFD & Spread betting prices are down to whoever is trading with it at any one time.

Often the prices quoted by CMC or any other Market maker for that matter, closely align the markets, especially on the larger and more heavily traded stocks. However if a stock moves very quickly then the Market maker will often try to anticipate demand and the price moves out of sync. as it were, for a while. In that case it is better to wait for a settling of the price.

One way to overcome this is to use the services of a 'miidle man' such as GNI. It is then possible to occasionally trade within the spread. However this comes at a price. GNI is a commision based company, whereas CMC, using their Deal 4 Free vehicle, is not.


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Thanks for that! - I am trading end of day so hopefully if I just take the CMC price and allow for that in Omnitrader - hopefully I will be OK.


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One way of looking at volatility is to measure average daily range in a particular stock/index or whatever.
So for example maybe the range would be 100 points on busy days and 50 on quieter, the more movement there is the more possibilities to make money out of it, also lack of dicipline on taking losses has a magnified effect.

Volatility tends to move to extremes and back again, so a period of very low volatility, will be followed by a period of high volatility.


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Back to basics


I am interested in what you said at the beginning of this thread.
I didnt think that Sharescope supported Omnitrader. In otherwords I cant understand how your Omnitrader is working with a Sharescope feed.

I bring this up because I too am interested in the same setup.


Lita :cheesy:
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