What is the best trading platform for newbies like me?


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sierra charts -interactive brokers - dont use real money until you are profitable 3 months in a row -90% will loose their first account regardless of how much is in it . trading is not a quick way to a second income so dont listen to the retail bullshit . become an expert at ONE strategy and you will save yourself years of time and money . good luck


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MT5 is pretty


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MT4 is my favorite trading platform and I’d say that it’s probably one of the most beginner-friendly. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and the layout is easy to use. I’m assuming you meant trading platform and not broker?


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If you mean broker, then there is no the best for newbies actually. All of the brokers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we should look at what you want to get from trading activity and how you can find the broker which will suit your need. If we speak about trading platform, like MT4 or MT5, here both these platforms have disadvantages and advantages. Moreover, you can try to pick a platform which is provided by your broker. There are plenty of brokers which offer their own trading platform in order to give mo conveniences to traders. So, everything depends on you actually in this case.


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Naturally, different people like different platforms. So it's just a personal preference.
I, personally, don't like mt4 (never bothered with mt5).

As for a broker? Make sure it's regulated.
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