What are you swing trading now?

Because of it's recent chart history and it's steadily rising financial charts. Look here to see it's financial health. http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/invsub/results/hilite.asp?Symbol=bonz The revenue is steadily rising. It took a dive because it's projected EPS for the fourth quarter went from .11 to .8 per share. It's third quarter EPS was .9, which was above analyst expectations.

Now look at it's three month chart history. http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/charts/charting.asp?Symbol=bonz
This is not one I plan to get into and out of within a couple weeks. As long as it continues to rise, I'll hold onto it up until December, unless it hooks downward before that time. I hope that $14.50 is a realistic goal, but it's just a goal that I may or may not achieve.

So...anyone else sharing their finds?

Keep your eyes on OFIX and OSTE.. OFIX is a direct competitor to BONZO .. It had a 15% rise in revenue in Q3 resulting in many fund managers rotating their assets to OFIX.. ..
The Problem with OFIX is it now is very OB and if it corrects itself, it might drag BONZO down ..

I was Long OFIX from 32ish myself but sold too quickly ( Like I always do )

BONZO is technically in a better position than either of OFIX and OSTE and I would consider going long myself depending how market opens next week.. I donot like to see stocks to close below their open while Dow is in Positive.. ( BONZO down yesterday )
Thanks Grey1! I was starting to feel like a naked person standing in a crowded room. I will study your stock suggestions right now.

*by the way, I too have the problem of selling too quickly*