What are the benefits of a smaller population?

J Livermore

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Here is my list of benefits (in no particular order) that I feel we would enjoy if we had a smaller human population. Please add to the list if you know of other ways we would benefit from a population level that is environmentally sustainable. I’m sure there are many:

Less wilderness being destroyed to build roads, houses, schools, office buildings, ect. With less development we can better preserve nature.

More fish (per person) in the ocean for us seafood lovers. With a smaller human population, the oceans can hopefully expand their natural fish population with less of it being depleted.

Less traffic (and fewer traffic jams) on our busy and overcrowded roads.

Less pollution and other environmental damage being done to the planet (including global warming).

Fewer (hopefully) wars over commodities that expanding populations normally need. With a smaller, stable population, nations wouldn’t be as desperate to get their hands on raw materials and commodities as they would be with a growing population.

More acres of land available per person and more affordable real estate. With a much less populated world we don’t have to be squeezed into crowded neighborhoods.

Fewer species being driven to extinction or put on the endangered species list because of overdevelopment of habitats.

More fresh water (per person) available world wide for drinking, showering, gardening, ect.

Lower automobile insurance rates. The less traffic on our roads, the lower the probability of an accidental collision.

More money that families can invest for their future. If society invests in new innovations and businesses today, instead of larger families, we don’t have to wait twenty years or so for a child to grow up and start being productive for the economy to grow.
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