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Keep an eye on this stock. I refer you to the following announcement:

23.02.01 :+17.5, (176) announces that at a meeting of the British Fertility Society today in London, Dr Ron James, PPL's managing director, will announce that the company has been able to demonstrate the possibility of producing multipotential stem cells without the need to go through an embryo intermediate. In the long term, the findings have implications for the use of more ethically acceptable cell populations in the treatment of human disease. James will discuss experimental results which suggest that PPL Therapeutics (PPL's wholly owned US subsidiary) has been able to derive beating myocardial (heart) cells from skin cells via a multipotential stem cell intermediate. For commercial reasons, details of the procedure will not be disclosed. Myocardial cells have previously been produced from stem cells. The novelty in PPL's approach, however, is to 'revert' fully differentiated skin cells to stem cells first and then to transform these into a distinct population of cells of another type such as heart cells. The work has been undertaken in bovine (cattle) cells using funding from the US government under its Advanced Technology Programme. In PPL's experimental system, a marker gene which had been inserted into the initial skin cell population was readily identified in the stem and heart cells that were then generated from these skins cells. The presence of the marker gene in all three populations of cells further substantiates the concept that the stem cells and heart cells were derived from the same starting population of skin cells. The programme is still at an early research stage and more work remains to be done to optimise the efficiency of the transformation process. One of the next challenges, which will be addressed by PPL's UK research team, will be to repeat the findings using human cells. The generation of multipotential human stem cells is the goal for this programme as the company seeks to address the possibility of using cellular transplants produced from stem cells to treat human diseases. Studies in animal models have already demonstrated the feasibility of using implanted cell populations to repair damaged heart and brain tissue. PPL's initial commercial target for its stem cell research remains the production of insulin producing pancreatic islet cells for the treatment of diabetes in humans. The research programme will also include the introduction of patented genes, which have been designed to prevent rejection of foreign cells. If successful, this would reduce or avoid the need for suppression therapies and thus make cellular treatment of diabetes more widely acceptable. Information on PPL's islet cell project was contained in a press release issued by the Group on 10th November 2000. Ron James, managing director of PPL Therapeutics said: "The results of this experiment gives us confidence that the method we are developing as a source of stem cells is working and I believe it will be equally applicable to humans. The fact that it works with genetically modified cells is important because we aim to introduce genetic modification to mitigate rejection of non matched cells. If successful, this could pave the way for cellular therapy without the need to use immune suppression drugs."


Sorry to post full details of announcement from Investor-Ease but I struggled with understanding the details. It sounds good but very technical. The inference is that it differentiates the comany from the competition. It is worth watching. Markets seem to like it.

CHART: Look at the MAs, price put on 17.5p on friday in a bad market and steepness of slope suggests immenent cross over of 3/13 MA unless price retraces monday. For the brave there is a chance of 2 - 3 day short term gain. I do not like the angle of ascent, far too steep to form a meaningful trend at that angle but it might rise for two or three more days. It could retrace then form an uptrend at a more sustainable angle. This sometimes happens. Volume spike on 15/2 and 23/2. Other indicators look good. What is against us going long? THE MARKET! So be careful please, do not jump in, the price might retrace after fridays action, but it looks promising. Under normal conditions I would get excited about this MA formation and the news. In this market I WILL NOT buy this share. I WILL NOT buy any share unless the international picture changes. Nevertheless, this is one of the most interesting finds this weekend. I have other stocks for you but I am reluctant in the market. I thought I would share this one with you so. I am dispondent about this damn market but I wanted to bring this to your attention just in case of an opportunity. Be ultra careful, I repeat the angle is TOO STEEP, FAR TOO STEEP. For benefit of those new to T/A the optimum angle is 45o. Anything above this is likely to retrace rapidly. So you have been warned. Moving averages do look good for short term, so do the indicators so its not all bad news. The decision is yours. I do not own any of these shares.

This is not financial advice, intended for discussion of technical analysis only.


Thanks Tx,

Agree the chart looks very bullish and under normal market conditions this would be a definite buy...stochastics, RSI, OBV, and MFI all ticking up in support of your MA analysis...you're right PTH is well worth watching I'd say...also agree with your advice of caution regarding the market conditions and a possible retracement in a few days...


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Might be able to help with some of the Technical blurb biggest plus points of this as I see is :

1/ Allows cells to be used for trasnplanting without going through an embryo first -this basically means that it will appease those who are concerned about using cells from Dead embryo's so it is likely to be an emotive subject and also less likely to get blocked by governments ethic committees etc.

2/ Also seems to allow for lesser dgrees of rejection which is the biggest issue for transplants etc as well as being a costly one as immunosuppressant drugs are expensive.

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