Well Done Tarkin


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Well done to tarkin, winner of this week's comp. Congrats also to Martymcc and Darth Trader. Nice pick on BHM. Maybe a lot more to come there I think.
Comiserations to myself, having got it completely wrong.
Sums up my week really . All my excellent trades on DOW and MONI were wiped out with equally bad ones :(
Nice one tarkan, BHM came good! As for me, I was trading EGS but unlike the competition entries, I closed mine too late @ about 288 :( .. still, better to have a small profit than none at all.

Sorry hook4, I've been soo busy with the brand new site that I never got round to sorting out all your entries. I'll keep a closer eye this week to make sure everything is running smoother. And when the new site launches I'd like to start a brand new competiton, with a leaderboard and lotsa statistics.. should be excellent!