DYOR has never been more applicable.

Do you copy the Lord Jamla????

  • No, his understanding is of such a high nature that I am unable to follow it.

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  • Not really, but I certainly wouldn't trade against him

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  • I haven't the time but do get e-mails sent out to me to alert me when he has posted

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  • I hang onto his every word

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Lempicka, I imagine you are doing some re-reading of the EW bible, like I advised, hence your absence. But lookin' at the share comp., it looks like that is not the only advise that you have taken from the Lord J. I see you have shorted SDR (the 1st time you have done so in 5 comps) after I claimed it had the clearest EW pattern I had seen for many a moon and I had closed my long on it at 6 pounds.
However, what you failed to take on board, and the reason I did not short it, was that we are expected to rise to at least 8,500 and more likely 8,750- 8,800 , as I predicted when LE DOW was below 8,000.
Now a share like SDR, being the strongest share on the market at present was not likely to fall during a 500 Dow point rise was it, unless it had some bad news out which was highly unlikely??? More likely an extended 5th wave don't you think? I think I'll have em short higher up.
What gets on my wick is one week you launch a completely unprovoked attack on myself, and the next you hang onto every word I say?!?!?! Bit of a cheek really. It's actions like that, that will provoke the Lord to be schtumm and then you'd all be left in limbo.
Hi Lord J,

<i>Location: If i say, it shall only arouse jealousy, but it has more than your average two floors.</i>

Ah, you live in that block of flats in Peckham with Del Boy.


Near the countryside, surrounded by brainwashed sheep, who seek my direction and knowledge

So you are now resorting to allowing sheep on your course :!:

PS. LBJ could also stand for Little Brown Jobby
Nasty, they are all sheep when they come to the course. Though, they leave the course as shepherds. I awaken them to facts they are not willing to accept and warn them beforehand that what they are about to discover is extremely disturbing but THE TRUTH. The difference between my seminars and others is that mine tell you not only how to be successfull in the markets, but also to be successfull IN LIFE. That's the difference.
And if what I see developing turns out to be true then there is a horriible TRUTH for all of us in the next 2 months.
Hi LJ,

I always find your posts entertaining. Controversy is much more interesting than ordinary dull analysis.....and of course I have to ask 'What is it you see developing in the next two months?'

P.S. Do you use the put/call ratio as an indicator?

P.P.S Baaaah
I see two scenarios developing here. A top made now in April with a pullback in May followed by: -

Scenario 1: A rise up in June and July followed by a large downturn to October.
Scenario 2: A large downturn to October.

Whichever way it goes, we must follow and not lead.
Hi juicj, nice to hear from you. The indicators I like to use are MA's, RSI, MAC'D, ROC. I don't use put/call ratios at all, because the 4 indicators i have listed can tell you most of what you need to know about trend/momentum. Volume/Fib no.s are key aswell, however the real key is to use the correct indicator for the correct situation. For example I would only use ROC's when a share is in a clear channel. Not otherwise.
As for what I see developing, well let's just say that you remember when I predicted a turn around in fortunes for the allies in Iraq. It's kinda the same thing. Letting the stock market predict world events. If I reveal what I think, then like I said before many are likely to be disturbed and with the anonymity bulletin boards provide it would not be suitable.
Mags G let me re-phrase your comment, because what you are basically saying is this:

The market could fall until October


The market could rise till Oct.

Now I guess I'm going to be accused of being hostile, but how caqn you make money out of that. IT is the MAIN reasons why people hate TA - the serial sit on the fence mob.

Let me guess.

North Korea is going to nuke the South and Japan.

Remember you saw it here, in the Dow chart. months ahead of schedule.

Jonny Soothsayer T
My Liege,

I said the market will be lower in October than it is now but on the way it could be higher in June/July than it is now. (With a Pull back in May from this 'C' wave in April). Please pay attention and read carefully before responding.
My apolgies Mag's G, I seem to have mis-read your post.
What you are saying is this:

The market COULD be higher in June/July, than it is now, or it might not.
So, though the market will definitely be lower in October, it will definitely rise or fall until June/July.

The only problem is, I haven't got a flying you know what, whether I should be long or short till the end of summer. HELP - lolz

I think what LJ is getting at is that knowing what the market could do is irrelevant.
My Liege,

If your struggling to comprehend then wait till July and then short down to October. If you can not wait then short now for May being ready to exit in case there is the June / July rise. (Which you could long). If the June / July rise takes place then you can short from the peak of this rise down to October.

This is my longer term prediction - And that is all it is - A prediction - Which obviously is open to ridicule - So don't hold me to it otherwise I shall sulk (lol).
Darlin', all these if's and but's have me really confused now. When you place a trade there is no room for if's and but's. You're tellin me to short now, but then saying we might rise tilll June/July?? You tryin' to make me lose my wonga or sumetin'?? If you don't mind me saying - reading your posts is like reading a newspaper, loads of info but little truths. Admit it Mags, we are in limbo till July annat?