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Found this on Motley Fool under Guaranteed 100% Sharepicks:

Thanks once again for those who have stepped in to help me sharpen my share valuing
skills. In return I would like to pass on a little tip given to me recently. I was sworn to
secrecy, but I now look upon you all as family.

You may recall that on the very day M&S hit its recent low, my wife's financial advisers
called to suggest that it had come to their attention that M&S shares had not been doing
so well of late and perhaps she might like to pay them a bit of cash to sell them on her

Now, I have to say I was pretty impressed. They were certainly bang on about the
shares having lost a lot of their value and so on. I'm afraid to report my wife, who has,
let us say, a "lady's understanding" of the complex world of high finance, seemed, to my
mind, graceleesly ungrateful. She went banging on about how much nicer it would have
been if they'd called when the shares were £3.90.

I put a stop to all that by reminding her that that was the very price at which I had
bought in. She then gave me one of her intense gazes of admiration.

Now, it occurred to me that these adviser chaps seemed like smart cookies who might,
with a bit of SeanJ charm, be persuaded to let me in on their secret. I told them that I
was no stranger to the City. I had been looking at fundamentals and charts till my eyes
dried up and had long been in search of a bigger fool. However, to my surprise, they
dismissed all that.

Apparently the key is something called "hindsight". They did not decline to particulars
but it sounded like just the thing I've been looking for. When that bearded Doctor cove
who writes the Fool book was banging on like a sap about how M&S was an
"obviously well-run company", applying "hindsight" allowed my boys to see right through
the charlatans on the M&S board.

They say this thing is dynamite. The top financial journalists all use it apparently which is
why they have recently been spot on about the over-valuation of technology shares.

What I'm confused about, is how I get my hands on this "hindsight" thingummy. Does
anyone on here use it? Is it a computer programme of some kind? If so, can anyone
point me at a website or send me details of licence costs etc.

I thought at first that it might be one of those "third-eye", "sixth sense" things that one
develops through meditation, but one look at the advisers strongly suggested that they
were not the "yoga-type".

If anyone does have a lead on this wizard little system, let me know. If we keep it under
our hat perhaps we could use it here to make a quick killing. I could do with some credit
with the wife. She's still a little miffed over the Equitable pension I set up for her.

Yours on the way to riches

Sean (original poster om MF site)


Brilliant Alan, enjoyed that. I for one can tell you that I've had the so called benefit of hindsight for many a year now. My wife's always telling me what I should have done!
My wife would have me take a "low risk" attitude........
You're 5p up......SELL IT! BANK IT!
Forget the fact I lost thousands......

hehe...see you did manage, Alan..I haven't told my wife about my trades recently as she's got twin pregnancy...

Hey, congratulations, Riz, i didn't know. Looks like you're going to need all those profits more than ever.
Good luck
Thanks Steve, so you all know now what I'll spend the profit on.. :)


Hi Riz, sorry been hors de combat for last week. I didn't know you and the wife were pregnant! Congratulations! Hope all your headaches will be little ones (in stereo)

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Well done Riz.

Does that mean you had to do it twice,,,Uuuuugggggghhhhh.