shares bought from FSW Europe. and IS Intersecurities.


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Hello all, I bought, like many others, shares in "Laserlock, Crescent Comm, Accupol and Intelisystems, all from IS intersecurities, I have also read what has been discussed by other more learned members over a period of time. So was first contacted by Quadrant Mergers and Acquisions that was in september 2013 and I realised I had been scammed after contacting the FCA, their advise was really to say it was my own fault, also the shares I had bought were " S " registered, which meant that they could not be sold until it was removed. I was not told that at the time.
FW Lansley Everette and Moor LLC,.a branch of quadrant (see above) sent me a copy of a share certificate from Yida Holdings, it all looked very impressive, Duly signed by a Gerald Parker, and a Christian Lansley, also a Victoria Court, their office based at 18 Oliver St, Bosten, MA 02110. They offered to buy the shares. But wanted a large sum of money up front so I contacted the American version of our F S A who stated that the firm was suspect and not to send any money, That was in 2013. then in 2017 I was contacted by a firm REForma Marketing, based in Madrid, Spain. [email protected] they wanted every bit of information I possessed on the shares plus the share certificates. whereby they promised to retrieve my investment, I did speak to a representative but was not convinced he was genuine so ignored it.
Thing is I still have the share certificates and am still hopeful that some day I may get some thing back. Also addresses and further information. too much to put down on this request for advise and guidance but available on request.
So if there is ant one out there who can advise me/point me in the right direction I would be very much obliged.
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