How can I get a Company to communicate

Norman Logan

I bought shares in Royal Petroleum of Canada in March of 2007, and apart from receiving share certificates, which has included a five for one bonus, I have no further information from them. Repeated attempts have failed, and a couple of Financial Advisers here in the UK are suggesting this is a scam company, the shares sold by boiler room operatives. The website for Royal Petroleum now shows shares at $0.14, a long way short of the original price of $1.35. Does anyone have similar concerns about this Company?
Probably a legit company with shares sold by a boiler room. I think they come under S classification or something which means it is hard to sell. Sorry.

£150k. Those scam artists are utter, utter scum.

ETA: Just read the article. I am sickened. That was his retirement savings (plus money to pass on to his children).
A RETIRED businessman
Most businessmen I come across are very savvy and will question everything,
How did he do in business if he got fooled by these people?

Tom McHenry, 61
Not exactly senile is he?
I understand when these people prey on the very old and weak but come on he is only 61 and having been a successful businessman surely he would have used some of the skills he acquired during his business life to question the legitimacy of the salesman's claims.