Weekly data (weekly formula)


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I currently use Mldownloader for EOD data and for daily data it seems quite good, but I’m not very happy with using it for weekly data – it seems that it will give you the previous weeks value, but nothing for the present week.

Not having a mid-week value doesn’t help, could miss potential turns.

is there a formula for meta-stock that produces weekly charts from your daily data ??

Can anyone help ??
Load the chart you need into metastock. There is a Icon with Alphabet "D" on the tool bar where we have the scroll bar, + & -. Click here and a menu will open where you can select the periodicity of the chart change it to weekly or whatever you need.
Other Option is Click on any date on the X axis. A Box opens up select "periodicity" Tab and you can select weekly there. Close the chart. when ever you open the particular chart it will be in weekly format unless you change it.
I hope this solves your problem. :cool:

Umashankar Galla
Umashankar Galla[/QUOTE]

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