We will probably get a short term rally here


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After scanning tonight and thinking over this BSC debacle and how the major averages held their Jan lows despite the very negative news (granted the FED throwing more money at the problem helped keep us up) I am thinking we will probably get a short term rally here. By short term I'm talking a week to a month.

Short term I would say:

  1. gold has topped
  2. dollar has bottomed
  3. stocks get a rally

Some stocks poised to do well short term are:

  1. RIG
  2. NFLX
  3. IBM

If you've been wanting to buy GOOG this is not a bad time, just have a reasonable stop in place ($411).


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Update to my post above on 3-19-08:

Gold did indeed top and the ETF for gold (GLD) fell from a price of 100.44 closing today at 87.42 for a loss of 13%.
This of course would be a gain for you if you sold your gold or went short when I gave the alert.

GOOG did indeed bottom on 03-17 and rallied from $427 on 03-20 to close @ $551 today (traded as high as $602 on 05-02).
From my call to the high is a profit of $175 per share, that's a gain of 3% in less than 1 month.
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