We are the people


Guest Author
For every high there's a low, every disappointment a moment of sheer joy,
We've been thru much worse periods than the current one and what didn't kill us made us stronger.

Easy to stand strong when the champagne is flowing,the real measure of the man is to be found in times of adversity.
Success, Results, Players, Managers, Owners come and go.
Being a Rangers fan is for life,
We're the one constant in the clubs existence, Its lifeblood and its living breathing heartbeat from the cradle to the grave,
Win lose or draw I'm a Rangers fan, was born one, live as one and fully intend to die as one,
In between its an honour and a privilege to be part of the greatest and most unique footballing institution in the world
That is why "We are the people"
i just fanning the flames i dont even like football! one of the birds ive been doing is irish, just abuse her non stop for being catholic is well funny lol