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Neil, if you don't get one I'll post you mine after I've read it.

Very kind of you Richard. Thank you very much. And I would be delighted to take advantage of your kind offer should I fail to obtain a copy.(y)

Mr. Charts

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Very kind of you Richard. Thank you very much. And I would be delighted to take advantage of your kind offer should I fail to obtain a copy.(y)

My pleasure


@neil you're in luck, someone didn't get back to me with their name and address - so pm your details and we'll get the book out to you.


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......and as for that useless Warren Buffett, fancy investing all that money in Tesco......
I think his error was in the divesting, not the investing. He's savvy enough to recognize his error I'm sure and he'll probably not have lost that much on the round trip considering his average buy-in price.


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A profitable trader ? Not even close ...

"Through unknown mechanisms, he yet again lost much of his trading capital, accumulated through 1929. Thus, on March 7, 1934, the bankrupt Livermore was automatically suspended as a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. It was never disclosed to anyone what happened to the great fortune he had made in the crash of 1929, but he had lost it all. "

but who wants to read about success ?..........failure is always more interesting to learn from ;)


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Rubython: Livermore review

Having just received my review copy I will wait until Christmas to read it thoroughly (nearly 400 pages) but after a quick glance through I can offer the following comments.

It's a nicely-produced book in hardback, on quite decent quality paper - by UK publishing standards anyway. [ When will we stop printing overpriced books on bog paper and emulate USA style quality instead? The publishers (Myrtle press) are definitely heading in the right direction here]. Of typical hardback bonkbuster novel size (9.5" x 6" x 1.5") the font and typeface are nicely readable and the surprisingly large number of interesting photographs are excellently reproduced on glossy art paper. Its £20 price is about standard and you can of course get it at a discount on Amazon post-free. Waterstones and the like just don't compete here and you wonder how sustainable their business model is. It's disappointing to see that it's not available digitally (as far as I can tell) but presumably it will be available in paperback in due course. Nowadays I will only buy a book in E-format unless it is of exceptional interest to me – this book would not fit that category and it is not of the size or weight that you could easily slip into your pocket as you can do with your Kindle Fire reader. Gone are the days thankfully, when you had to lug a bag of books around with you. I would therefore implore the publishers to go digital – I note that Alpesh Patel's latest book is available digitally at about half the hardback price which means I would purchase it not only from the convenience but also the cost point of view.

Tom Rubython has a good track record in writing readable biographies and this one appears to maintain the standard. I note that he is also the publisher and good on him for doing so and showing the established Houses the way forward. There is a decent index and the bonus of a bibliography and timeline. This is not an academic treatise (Thank God! I will hear many say in agreement) so you will not be bored with lots of referencing footnotes enabling you to check on the veracity of sources et cetera et cetera. To have done so would have degraded the book's readability and you must therefore rely on the integrity of the author. Bear in mind this book goes back a long way – over 100 years – and it must have been a difficult task to locate and pull together all the various bits of information and stories about Livermore, and no doubt much of it was conflicting. So I think we have to acknowledge the author's skill and determination in putting this all together.

Having just flipped through some early pages I do indeed find it very readable and it's definitely got that "you can't put it down just yet" flavour about it. It's the sort of book I would be delighted to receive as a Christmas present and I think there would be few traders who would not find Livermore’s legendary story of interest. I would suggest also that anybody who likes biographies (and you have to understand and know about the person if you want to get an understanding of their field of interest) would also appreciate this book. Notwithstanding his trading, Livermore's life story is an interesting tale in itself – presumably good material for a truly unauthentic American "we will rewrite history" type of film!

In summary: Tom Rubython has given us a very interesting book, nicely produced and I suggest it would make the ideal Christmas present for any T2W member.
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