Watch out for Orbis!!


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OBS - soared to high 70p's in last year on super fundamentals and recent announcement of takeover talks.

Has since plummeted to 50p - strangely nothing appears to have changed to the bad.

Anyone any ideas for the selling?????

Come on Riz whats the story?

Hi Cookie,

I don't follow this one, but had a look at the chart and checked advfn pbb for's going down non-stop breaking through all major resistances on its way...if you're not already in, don't even think about buying them, untill they stop dropping and signs of reversal appear...oversold but this doesn't stop them from falling...

Someone on advfn e-mailed the company asking the reason why and that's the reply he got:

Thank you for your e-mail.

Unfortunately, because we are in a formal "offer period" and therefore
subject to the rules of the Takeover Panel, I cannot comment on the
share price, strategic review or future prospects at present.

We will be issuing a statement following the AGM next Tuesday in accordance with general practice. If you would like a copy of the statement sent to you, please let me know your address.

Patricia Emery
Group Company Secretary

Thanks Riz

Yes I got that same info - I guess I'm searching for the extra terrestrial who knows all the answers.

I just cannot comprehend the almost 40% retracement on a purely fundamental basis especially in the light of the offer talks announcement.

Can you offer a technical justification??

Of course at 70p there was talk of £1 per share offer price but at the current level any takeover offer is unlikely to reach more than 70p - manipulation maybe?
Still I can't help thinking that if the news is positive next week this one could fly.

I guess I will have to wait for the AGM next tuesday


Well at least it stopped falling today, ticking up on L2 technical or fundemental justification I think, pure speculation and manipulation...with regard to TA one could only say get out when a major support is broken...but as it's too late now maybe it's best to wait for their AGM...

good luck

Here we go Here we go Here we go

Remember you heard it here on T2W folks.

Please God make me right for once!!

Good luck


Stopped falling and immediately reversed from 47.5 to 53.5 on fairly high volume of 1m, rsi oversold and flat, stochastic K shot up at completely oversold area...and you're not telling me what your position is, cookie :)

Favourite Position is.............

Down the pub with the lads....

Went home the other night to find Jan packing her bags.
"I've heard you get £500 for every BJ in Las Vegas so I'm off - she said. ..........I began to pack my bags.
"Where are you going"??.. she enquired.

I've just got to see how you live on a £1000 a year !!!!!

Bless her.

Seriously guys I'm in for 30,000 bought and paid for at an average 60p.

24Jly2001 16:59

Elsewhere among corporate earnings news, Orbis lost 16-1/4 to 42, as the
company told its AGM that both the void property protection business and Orbis
Monitoring Services have seen a slower start to the current year, which is
likely to restrain growth in this financial year, particularly in the first

(we are in a bear market and a recession is just starting)

Watch out for Cookie

Whatever he fancies - SHORT !!!!!


Now totally in cash - whats left of it.

Sorry guys

Bad luck Cookie. There but for the grace of God go I!!! This was on my watch list a couple of weeks back when it broke out at 66, and then again on the pullback at 71. Took my eye off the ball and decided against it when the rise from the pullback failed.

This is a cruel market. Keep your powder dry for the good times which will return when enough people have been hurt.