Apologies for Absence - T2W Day out


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I don't believe it !! ( in Meldrewese )

I was so looking forward to meeting some of the people who have made this site the BEST and most friendly on the web. Fortunately my company has just won a major contract to produce more than 270 new corporate identity business forms for a major Motor Company - and by 30th March deadline. Unfortunately it means I have to work the week-end.

I feel sorry for them Northerners who would have found it difficult to attend - lets hope we can all get together sometime - maybe in Marbella for the T2W golf Tour ??
Kevin (Dayraider says he will look to organise more social events in the future)

Hence you will have noticed I have not been as active on the boards of late ( fundamental research has taken a back seat) and the Chat Room is just impossible for me.

Negative sentiment is surely responsible for the downturn in number of posts recently however, I feel sure that when things pick up and THEY WILL this site will become even busier than we have been in the past.

Finally a major vote of thanks to SHARKY and his team for developing this site to top quality and to all the Moderators of the boards and chat room : You are a credit to all of us and to the Trading Profession !!!.

I hope one day to scale down my business activities and trade full time and it is you good people who have helped and continue to improve my personal skills and market understanding.

Have a great day and let us know of your experiences (who wouldn't buy a round! - who chatted up the ugliest barmaid - and who offered the most abuse to a professional tipster, Kavanagh, Winnifreth etc. )

By the way some great posts from Max and Riz and be ready to make some money if the mini rally happens after the Fed rate cuts on Tues.

Happy Paddy's Day !!!

I must also apologise

Sorry folks for not being able to make it.

Hope all have a great day out and will want all the gosip of you on Monday.