Watch me kick the markets as@


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:devilish:I knew that would draw you in.I used to trade years ago using a few simple methods and ive now got plenty of spare time on my hands so i thought bugger it lets make some calls for a laugh.I will trade exactly how i traded in the past to replicate my system.The system is a closely guarded secret ;).I will be trading using s/b .I will be opening a demo account in due course.Account size is 10k for the record.;)


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I think that there was only me and Postman watching the end of the dow last night.
I said the following on the ftse thread-
"if i was back in my trading chair id short 1 dollar per point over the weekend .100 stop(surely the buggers wouldnt take that out)"
So my first trade is short dow for £1 per point at 16380(stop is 16480)
I will hold over the weekend.
Now cmon gang thats got to be a winner


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Na, not having that at all, there where half a dozen people stood on the pavement who watched it happen. Didn't matter if he had a cam or not..........


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Those girl's don't get paid enough to help that old lady. They just pretended to care.

Also, good luck on your trading venture.


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Lolz-ive got some death metal on now mate-gorguts.just chilling -avoiding the wife and daughter and x factor-im happy with me dogs.
jeeez, right there with you on the Xfactor! Whhy? :|

Kinda surprised our resident expert hasnt chimed in yet, give it time.

Gl with the ass kicking ;)


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Lotta difference between sports/trading.
but in general practice really means nothing.
You can practice 100s of penalty kicks and get the one wrong in the game.
so what matters is the nerves.

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