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On the 9/04/2001 Tsco has generated a symmetrical Triangle pattern, min objective 285.9 max 311.35

Please DYOR

Regards Drax
NXT (NTX) Fundementally superb but graphically a recent dog but I bought for 295p on Friday any opinions?
I've never liked buying at an all time high...I seem to have a mental block about it.This is where NXT is at. Support/stop loss at 882, good luck, and don't forget to have in place a daily rising stop loss as 882 is the only reference for support you will have.
Indicators are ( top to botton) Velocity, CCI, TCI and Stochastics.And IGNORE the date!


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Thanks Chartman but I am talking about NXT (epic NTX) the flat speaker people and not next (epic nxt) the shops;)
I agree with ChartMan, I have never liked buying at the all time high

Next broke above the upside resistance level of 817.00, 34 days ago, which should now lend downside support. I think we have a flag in a down market; this is a controlled period of profit taken, or loss consolidation. As ChartMan said use your stops, and watch for downside breakout.

Regards Drax

Please DYOR, I am not an expert


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The real NXT

Nice early breakout from a bottom.....maybe.Looks encoraging, but the confirmation will be on a breakout above resistance at 360, by which time you will have clocked a nice 20% !Downside is 30p, upside 60p so 2:1 reward risk, but not my cup of tea. You may find support at 305....Could be a lot in it at the end of the day, having been in a major down trend since Feb 2000 and £23 price tag. Fibonacci retracements from Sept 2000 high are 23%, 572; 38% 765; 50% 921
Sorry about the wrong epic...dickslexick...or is that chartslexic :)


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week ahead

forthcoming FY results for week ahead; my selection & humble opinion after fundamental & chart work:

AIP Stochastics suggested BUY 1 week ago; if news is received well, should go to resistance 420 easily (11%)

BGP Reasonably convincing MACD signal to BUY; FY results on Thurs; not a strong company; may with right sentiment go to 620 resistance (14%)

PRU Sentiment about intended merger, & good results could take it to 782? (only 2%). Still signalled as BUY on MACD

The others, except maybe A B Foods, don't look good on charts.
I think it was a reaction to todays newsfrom the fed.

See Chartman's post on TA action today.

The markets reacted favorably (as they did on Jan 4th) however an intrameeting rate cut surely suggests that things are bad.

When interest rates change there is a discontinuity in the rules of the game and it takes time for the market to absorb the news and adjust to the new situation.

My view is that patiently waiting for a good entry to short is better than getting emotional and buying with the bulls.

IMHO The bears will be back.
Darth NXT(NTX) Rose 77p before the fed news on their own announcement this Am which was a very significant announcement on their licensing
Next stop 572.....
No, it wasn't the fed news.... Rose very quickly on open from 345 to 400 then skipped up to 420 by 10 o'clock and there it stayed for the day.Even the 1 million sell did nothing to the price..MM's anticipating tomorrow's demand....
Sold today on the jump again. 40% gain in 7 days is good so I took it in this market:D. Maybe too early but a profit is a profit:D