The race for the title

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Hi All.

After the interest the Liverpool thread had going, Sharky was kind enough to open up a special forum for us......Thanks Sharky :)

Watching the Premiership last night just made me realise how good Arsenal and Man Utd really are, every time they go forward these days they look they will score. Now my poor old Liverpool, were struggling in that department at the moment, and considering we have the 2 England strikers playing together, you would think we would score more than what we have been.

Sorry Chartman, but my monies on Arsenal to win the title this year. The 6 points clear (well Utd have got a game in hand so 3 points clear) Will be enough for them. Man Utd have also got to play us, so that's 3 points they will lose ;) (He says hopefully).

I hope Liverpool stuff ManU, just so we can get closer to the title. Arsenal look a country mile ahead at the moment, but it will only take a slip or two... We have to play Arsenal, ManU and Chelsea. + a few other "easy" ones.... taking a win with those three are "6" pointers. If we win those, we have a chance.
A decent win. That should instill some confidence back into the side. Mind you, the hammers missed a couple of fabulous shots on goal....
Hi Chartman and all.

Yes, it was a great win today. We weren't up against the hardest team in the league (Sorry hammers fans), but the performance was the best I've seen in a long time and very overdue. :)

Your game got cancelled in suspicious circumstances. Middlebrough really wanted to back down. Newcastle offered to play the game on Tuesday but Middlesbrough claimed they sent there players on "a few days leave" Very fishy. :confused:
They blamed the roads first. Middlesboro is just down the road. The real reason is the Toons are strong and M'boro are weak at the knees.... looking for any excuse to postpone.
nice one, two reds on t2w!!
Keep up the support lads and let's se if we can convert some t2winners to the mighty Reds. The crisis at Anfield looks to have passed - shame we can't say same for the markets.
See you and chat soon hopefully - perhaps when the 5th round berth nicely booked and parked away....P
We don't need any more reds on here thankyou very much!
I'm a London lad and follow the White Hart Lane boys.
Time to get our revenge on Sunderland this weekend...

Hi Pollox.

I've gotta find out what the odds of us getting to the 6th round are. I can see us winning tonight, and then it's "only" Leeds which by the time we play that game, we should be playing a bit better.

Hi Wideboy.

Oh dear, not another Spurs supporter. I went out with a Spurs fan once, and she forced me to go and watch the occasionally game :( . I went to the game against Everton, one cause the ticket was free and because I wanted to see Everton get stuffed. What a game!!!! 4-3, poor defending by both teams, but a great game to watch.

HI ftseb
Agree looking good for 6th round. If we wallop Palace then wd suggest tide has clearly turned [tougher game than v poor old 'ammers]. As for Spurs, well what can one say? 61 was it?
No tell a lie you won in 67 as well & 91 was it? No leagues or EC's alas yet , alas.