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? Lied about what exactly?

Lied Recommendations
Manipulation in numbers and trading platform
Lied about the company information

and there is a long story got between me and them .. i can't write it now
because i cant writing by english language ..

I will look for someone who can translation into English for re-posted here.

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UK based entity authorised in New Zealand but owned and operated from British Anguilla :eek:

are we seated comfortably... popcorn anyone?

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oh dear me!! :whistling

their chief market strategist "Nazib Harb" appears to have stood as a labour candidate in the May 2010 general election.

...but his name back in 2010 was Bassam Mahfouz.

pass the popcorn!!



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I am from Saudi Arabia

at first the financial analyst gave me a recommendation, I lost by it more than $ 17,000

When I wrote a complaint against for company's .. the financial analyst ( Nizar harb ) contact with me and he amended the loss from US $ 17,000 to US $ 247

It was shown to me that this company is manipulating the numbers .

and he said : our follow-up team follow up any bad deal and closed by them without the customer's permission .
We protect our clients

and i depend on his speak , and i lost rest of my money

It was clear to me that this is all a lie

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so you only lost $ 247.is that correct

I do hope for meryam that he did only lose $247 and not $17k!! quickly saw the light and made haste withdrawing his funds pronto.

...but i'm getting the feeling that is not what happened. I reckon they took him for every penny :cry: we'll have to wait see what meryam has to say further on the matter.


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I use Google translate some of expression may be missing

after the financial analyst told me that , our company's control team closing any bad deal for any client automatically before losing more ..

this speak gave me peace of mind to work with this company and take complete freedom to buy and sell, knowing that I am very novice in Forex ..

after one day i opened one deals. and i connect with financial analyst directly .
and the deal began to lose gradually !

I said to financial analyst what should I do? do i closed this deals to stop the loss or wait ?

he did not give me any answer ! only told me why buy these loss-making currency ?

Well what do I do now ?

the deal loss is continued !

he was with me Online , i repeated the question .. Well what do I do now ?

he committed financial analyst silence until i lost 75% of the balance ..

I had to close the deal on a great loss

I told to analyst .. What happened ??

Where is the follow-up group, which told me where in yesterday .. they follows the losing trades and closes it ..

he did not comment on my words .. so i knew this time that he false .

after a minute he told me, I did not tell you to intervene in this loss-making deal .

after three minutes. deal index has risen fantasy !

he call me and said: if you stayed in the deal profit will have more than fifteen thousand dollars, but you came out of them !!!!!!!!!!!

I said to him : where your role as a financial analyst and director of my wallet ??

I will follow the story at a later time
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