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I want something to support my conclusions re price and its likely direction and so looked at a liked market profiling - was on the verge of maybe buying the footprint chart from marketdelta then I came accros the VSA notion which has some diffeent toolsets
Both of these support my wish to analyse how money moves in the markets.
Is there anyopne out there who could comment on where they are substantially different?
Do they work in tandem?
What would be a possible toolset to create/work with?

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Posting searches from ET doesn't work for other users.

Its true that IB data is unsuitable for this use ... but not because its incomplete or and certainly not because its unreliable (its not) ... simply that it packetizes the ticks so volume at bid vs ask is more tenuous than normal because you can't compare individual ticks with the bid and ask at the time.

Actually, be very careful of the data you use for this as some tick by tick suppliers mess up the timing of the bid and ask information.

jez, you haven't said what markets you want to apply this approach with and it simply doesn't work in a lot of cases. Also, you alert me to the possibility that you want to substitute a volume based holy grail for learning to read market movements and accepting the uncertainty in your trading decisions. Consider that people frequently try to improve certainty in this uncertain game ... and it doesn't necessarily help.
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What doesn’t work?


I reckon a good starting point re interpretation of volume is VSA (search on T2W). No, I’m not a subscriber.



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Thanks to you both.
I'm certainly not looking for a holy grail but I thought maybe that market profile and/or VSA could help me decide if a market move was for real and not a feint..


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This is a search from ET.


Have you downloaded MD's pdf files? Loads of info.

But is it worth the price ($120 pm)? According to some on ET, it isn't. It's also problematic with IB's unreliable (incomplete) tick data.


where can I got MD's pdf files ?



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It works and I am just starting to use it. There are some nice folks at traderslaboratory.com whom have been using both for awhile. Soul Trader does and has some videos. I use just the VAH, VAL, and POC with VSA for entry. Today the ER2 went up and showed VSA sell set ups right at the VAL and you see these VSA set ups at one of these 3 MP areas often. Take a look at some of the videos posted by Soul Trader on TL TL! Videos The reason the work together is they are based on sound logic and volume.
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