Volatility ... what's that?


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Volatility....whats that?

Been looking back over loads of old charts today, as I'm so bored with the market today...

Anyway, what is becoming most apparent is that the US is looking incredibly tired lately. Back earlier this summer, with the Iraq invasion and for some time after, we used to see really good trendy days, lots of price action and volatility, plenty of good, profitable moves...you know what I mean.

Just lately, its dead in the water. How much longer can this go on for? Are we still waiting for the "mother of all shorts?". Or are we now firmly in the bull market again?

Let battle commence.


Mr. Charts

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I know exactly what you mean.
There are still good trading stocks out there, but it is harder to find them.
ATR has fallen - look at this chart of the S&P cash.
Hovever the comp.x shows signs of fresh life


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china white

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lads this is the whole concept of front-end volatility innit? :) at 14% annualises (0.9% daily) the max u can expect to bag in a day is about 1080 x 0.9% = 10 pts - if u catch every single move which is hardly possible. I personally think if u consistently make half of that = 5 pts daily = 25 pts/week u r a trading star! :)


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China white you said if you can get 25pts a week u r a trading star. Before I say how money points on aver I get a week I have no ego if I was loosing week in week out I would post it up, as you learn from you losses more then you ever learn from wining trades.

Anyhow On aver i get 75 points a week



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CJ - are you saying you take 15 points a day from the S&P?

Edit: might you post on another website under a different name, by the way?


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I beleive china white is referring to "whole" S&P500 points and you are referring to DOW points.

As the dow index trades at around 10 times the level of the dow. ie around 1080 compared to 10200, 25 s&P points is equivalent to about 250 dow points.


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Rossored No, It don't work like I don't get 15 ticks a day on the s&p I only trade the Dow.

These are my Dow trades the last few days bellow

-30 +62..........Mon. 2 trades
break-even ......Fri. 1 trade
-36+10 ..........Mon. 2 trades
+73 ...............Tue. 1 trade
-28+94...........wed 2 trades
-40.................the 1 trade

Lose-134 points Wins + 239 total profit 105 points

Next week i could be down 30 to 60 points but on aver i get 75 points a week



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Thats what I thought. Chinas post was referring to the S&P.

So, are you a member of another trading website?
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