Using Fundamentals


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Using Fundementals


I have been trading for a while now and have been using a purely technical approach to the markets. However, I would like to incorporate fundementals to my trading but do not know where to start.

I trade index futures and commodities. Could somebody recommend a good fundemental approach to the above and also any books or resources will be helpful.



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This is quite good for commodity fundamentals. It is such a vast area that there are many sites for each commodity. Best thing to do first is find out as much as possible about each commodity you are trading. For example in Soybeans you want to know main producers/importers, old crop/new crop cycle, how crusher works on margin, export flows ex US and Brazil,
supply/demand and what figures re: USDA crop reports are significant and why,develop understanding of commitment of traders reports and bullish consensus. Many technicians will argue screw fundamentals but I have found them very useful. Indeed many of the large commercials that trade these markets have never looked at a chart at all.


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Commodity fundamentals.
You need to know the following,
How much there is of it
Where it is
Who owns it


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how to know!?

How to know what kind of fundamentals can affect the market... i trade with forex spot market... eur and gbp
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