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I am glad to see this topic here, I think it will be very useful to check all the youtube channels suggested. I would greatly appreciate your suggestion for a further educational channel to help me to stop loss and gain profit?


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Anyone using a particular channel for day trading? I have been looking for one but so far, haven't got a reliable channel.


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Just recently come across this channel.
Gets right to the point.
I find she explains a whole lot, with very little waffle and filler.

This particular episode is a good intro to her channel.
I like how she explains how to find support / resistance, use of Volume (big money), and gaps, algos, etc.
She also explains how "special settings" of indicators are a waste of time! :)
(seems she was trained by a mentor at some point. other episodes describe the journey of trading, and why learning the "process of trading" is a better long-term goal than short-term aggressive account building. The former should lead eventually to the latter; but impatient traders get it the other way around.)

Useful for newbies, I think. She doesn't seem to be selling any course or training; just good, basic ideas.

I don't mean to be a party pooper but I'm 99% she makes more money from youtube than trading itself! Also day trading videos are easily faked. If you want a massive profit just for youtube you put one position short on another account u put the same long or a call and a put respectively and you show the youtube the one you need for the video.
I would stay away from her channel


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Learning always help us to get good results in trading and youtube channels also help us to get some good material about forex and we can learn a lot there.


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Not so much a useful channel, but more a stand-alone clip.
Tom Hougaard doing his thing.
The clip presented here is his ideas and analysis of the Dow30.
Last few minutes.
He reckons that there is a 90% chance the High of the Day, or the Low is in within 90minutes from open.
Just thought you might find that interesting.
(watched most of the parts that make up his seminar. mostly mindset, trading stories, general ideas, etc.
posting the most interesting bit.)

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