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Just got off the phone from a friend who had to tell me about the latest beach she's on(great at 3:00am)

I tried to bore her off the phone and tell her about T2W, and how I
Was trying to learn to find a strategy myself, when she took over the conversation and tells me she dose one!!

It started when she wasn't happy with the returns from the broker, things like endowments, her pension fund wasn't doing as well as she thought they should.

She met a guy that told her to chose 4-5 sectors and out of those at the start of the year pick two growth company's in each sector.

invest in the ones that are trending up at that time, when the tend changed direction she got out, you will find so have one of the others that was trending in the right way.

She tells me last month she got a statement from her broker
they didn't do as well!!!

She moves to another beach the weekend

Buying strength, selling weakness and trading with the trend.

Sounds like the fundamentals of any good system. However, this in itself is not a full "system" and needs to be accompanied by some solid trading and money management rules to set you on the road to riches.
Are the stocks she is picking small, med or large cap? And did her friend give her criteria to decide what a 'growth stock' is?

It sounds a bit like a variation on the 'Dow Dogs' theory if you ask me. It is pretty much a scatter gun approach, which would probably out-perform most portfolio managers simply by spreading the risk, (and not paying the fund manager to do it for you) as long as you are in blue chips. Just randomly picking shares which fit the 'growth' description could be a painful experience.